Biz cards viewer Carda 3.6.1

Source:Riadd Inc.

No more bulk wallet! Biz cards app.

Carda is a handy business cards viewer app though no OCR. Easy importing cards via camera. You can also import from gallery photos taken with an OCR app. This Pro edition has no limitation.

*English version available. (Though screenshots show Japanese.)
*Try a free edition of "Carda Lite" first.

. Dating, Grouping and tagging every card.
. Searchable cards in all aspects.
. A single view and a thumbnail tile view.
. Import both front and back side of card.
. Assign a card to the one's contacts.
. Import personal meta-data from contacts app.
. Easy back-up and restore.
. Password lock on boot.
. Crop an image of card.
. Bulk importable.
. Send an image of card via another apps.

Last Updated:2015-06-10 12:05:54
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